We welcome you to our 4th Annual Heiva I San Francisco! This will be our 3rd virtual Tahitian Dance and Music Competition. The event is intended to showcase the many dancers and drummers worldwide with diverse approaches in Tahitian Dance and music. It we be informative and entertaining for all ages to enjoy.

We hope Heiva I San Francisco will provide all the participants a platform to perform and a virtual venue for friends and family to unite and celebrate together

Mauru’uru Roa,

Heiva I San Francisco


Matani Kainuku

Paris, France/Tahiti
Group Leader: Nonahere
Producer: Heiva International Europe

Rose Perreira

Honolulu, Hawaii USA
Producer: Heiva I Honolulu

Tiana Liufau

Anaheim, Ca. USA
Creative Director: Nonosina

Introducing our Heiva I San Francisco 2022 panel of judges, Matani Kainuku, Tiana Liufau, and Rose Perreira!

This panel’s combined expertise in Tahitian Culture and Dance expands decades while they continue to actively engage with the Tahitian Community and the general public. Their valuable contributions range but are not limited to their roles as group leaders, educators, event producers, and more.

We are honored to have them judge the many talented entries in this year’s event with added value for their credible knowledge judging our full range of categories from Solos, Groups, to Music.


Founded by Ofelia Nemenzo Bailey in the late 1980s, Nemenzo started as a small group in San Francisco, CA – a band of homegrown Tahitian dancers and musicians. This family-based group opened its studio doors in 1996, and operations continue, staffed with immediate family members with an expanded name, Nemenzo Te Fare, to illustrate the many services it houses.

As the group grew, Nemenzo’s frequent travels to Tahiti and performances accumulated top awards in Tahitian Dance and Music worldwide under the guidance and influence of Roiti Sylva and Coco Hotahota (students of the renowned Madeline Moua) to include other distiguished Tahitian masters.

After over 20 years, Nemenzo evolved and renewed its focus on creating virtual and physical platforms for the Tahitian Culture to thrive through Dance and Music. Involved in this venture came the collaborative support and expertise of prominent individuals and companies whose focus is on the Tahitian Culture’s varied facets. 

Nemenzo is motivated to continue this venue as well as other similar events with the same though and purpose.

We are most grateful to all our Tahitian teachers, partners, participants, sponsors, guests, family, and friends for their endorsement in our mission to provide a space for the Arts and Culture of Tahiti and her islands.

We are a member of the Intersection for the Arts. Intersections of the Arts is a historic arts nonprofit that provides people working in the arts and culture with fiscal sponsorship and resources to grow. 

Our intent is to continue Heiva i San Francisco and other events along with our partners and with the help of those who find value in our mission. We than you in advance for your kind tax deductible contribution. Please click the Intersection of the Arts logo to connect to our direct donation page. 

Sponsored by the Zellerbach Family Foundation

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