Our 2nd Virtual Heiva i San Francisco 2021 was held in July – a momentous Tahitian Solo, Group, and Drumming event with individuals and groups from all parts of the world sharing in the Tahitian Culture through dance and music. With an overwhelming number of entrants, exceeding prior year’s event, all participants were congenial and congratulatory for each other’s participation and winnings. It fulfilled our goal to unite the community in a global sense to respect and appreciate the culture they’ve adopted and embraced.

True to our name, Nemenzo Te Fare (Home), our Heiva i San Francisco is the by-product from our “home” and now we are reviving Tārena Tahiti, a Tahitian Solo and Costume competitive event we created in 2003. Tārena Tahiti is designed to showcase not only dance skills, but also personality and style through costume. Tārena (calendar) allows for 12 winners representing the months of the year and offers the opportunity to excel in both dance and costume design, both measured equally. We invite you to enter Tārena Tahiti and express yourself through ‘Ori Tahiti and costume.

We thank all of those that have participated and supported us through the last couple of years since our 1st inaugural event in 2019 and look forward to our continued association in our future events. We will continue our virtual Heiva i San Francisco 2022 with the date to be announced in the near future. All the best to all for safe and healthy days ahead.

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Mauru’uru roa

Nemenzo Te Fare


Founded by Ofelia Nemenzo Bailey in the late 1980s, Nemenzo started as a small group in San Francisco, CA – a band of homegrown Tahitian dancers and musicians. This family-based group opened its studio doors in 1996, and operations continue, staffed with immediate family members with an expanded name, Nemenzo Te Fare, to illustrate the many services it houses.

As the group grew, Nemenzo’s frequent travels to Tahiti and performances accumulated top awards in Tahitian Dance and Music worldwide under the guidance and influence of Roiti Sylva and Coco Hotahota (students of the renowned Madeline Moua) to include other distiguished Tahitian masters.

After over 20 years, Nemenzo evolved and renewed its focus on creating virtual and physical platforms for the Tahitian Culture to thrive through Dance and Music. Involved in this venture came the collaborative support and expertise of prominent individuals and companies whose focus is on the Tahitian Culture’s varied facets. 

Nemenzo is motivated to continue this venue as well as other similar events with the same though and purpose.

We are most grateful to all our Tahitian teachers, partners, participants, sponsors, guests, family, and friends for their endorsement in our mission to provide a space for the Arts and Culture of Tahiti and her islands.

We are a member of the Intersection for the Arts. Intersections of the Arts is a historic arts nonprofit that provides people working in the arts and culture with fiscal sponsorship and resources to grow. 

Our intent is to continue Heiva i San Francisco and other events along with our partners and with the help of those who find value in our mission. We than you in advance for your kind tax deductible contribution. Please click the Intersection of the Arts logo to connect to our direct donation page. 

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