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Saturday, July 18th , 2020 10:00 am Pacific Time
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Heiva i SF 2020 Results

A big congratulations to all dancers, groups, and their families and friends
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What is HŌ’Ē TU’URA’A ‘ĀVAE Challenge? 
This is our exciting new addition for Heiva I San Francisco!

Simply put, HŌ’Ē TU’URA’A ‘ĀVAE (One Step) Challenge is a solo presentation using variations of only ONE basic step: Tamau or Fa’arapu throughout the entire routine. All of our Premier Soloists were given the option and 6 have chosen to do so. To illustrate, our own Katelyn demonstrates her solo rendition of the challenge for Tamau &Fa’arapu while dancing to IOTN’s drumming from Hawaii.

Thank you Kevin Kama.

Heiva i SF Staff

An introduction to the magic behind Heiva i San Francisco’s operation.

Event Directors
Technical Production

Our Judges for Heiva i SF 2020

Hinatea Colombani, Judge for Heiva I San Francisco 2019


Hinatea is an influencer as a teacher, consultant in dance, history, language, tourism, crafts and so much more. She is an ambassador of her culture and often takes her mission to share her knowledge to all points in the world. Her home base is her facility for Tahitian culture ‘Arioi Cultural Centere in Papara, Tahiti that serves the community and visitors and foreign students from other countries.


Matatini is a member of the group Hitireva. She won the coveted title of Best Soloist at the 2019 Heiva I Tahiti. Matatini also teaches in her group under the direction of Kehaulani Chanquy. She travels worldwide judging in competitions and conducting workshops on ‘Ori Tahiti.

Tiana N. Liufar, Judge for Heiva I San Francisco 2019


Tiana is the Creative Director for the renowned group Nonosina, from Anaheim, California. She is a celebrated artist in Tahitian and other Polynesian Dance and Music. Her work has been showcased from television to movies and continues to share her experience and expertise with her community and beyond.

Our Emcees for Heiva i SF 2020


Millie and her daughters were members of the Polynesian Dance Community since 1982. They belonged to early Polynesian groups that at the time were few and far between. 

In addition, she and her talented family formed the group, Touch of Polynesia providing entertainment for the San Francisco Bay Area Community. 

Under the direction of her daughters Jaemie and Remie, the Aranda Family later established the group Rahiti in South San Francisco, California and Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Millie remains active conducting Polynesian dance classes as a service for her community. 

Photo credit: Danny Tan



Since 1988, John has been involved in various Polynesian activities and as emcee for events and competitions throughout Northern California. He is currently with the group, Da Island Way.

In addition, John is a member of the Latin Rock Band and Dakila.

John doesn’t seem to have an idle moment to spare as demand for his services remain constant.

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Honored Guests

We are a member of the Intersection for the Arts.

Intersection for the arts is a historic arts nonprofit that provides people working in the arts and culture with fiscal sponsorship and resources to grow.

Our intent is to continue Heiva i San Francisco along with our partners and with the help of those who find value in our mission.

We thank you in advance for your kind tax-deductible contribution. 


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