·      Open to all genders

·      Solo beats 1-1.50 mins provided by our House Drummers

·      Solo beats will be provided upon receipt of registration form and

Hold Harmless Agreement and Payment.


·      Entrance/Stage Presence

·      Execution of ‘Ori Tahiti Basics

·      Creativity

·      Costume

·      Final/Exit

Age Categories

·      Children  6-12yrs

·      Junior 13-20 yrs

·      Adult 21+ yrs

Costume requirements for ‘Ori Tahiti Solos

·      No hip or hand adornments. (All Soloists)

·      Solid pareaus only. No mo’re skirts. (Tamahine & Vahine)

·      Tihere or maro only. No mo’re skirts (Tamaroa & Tane)


Costumes should be in good taste and geared for a family audience. Tamari’i costumes should  be age appropriate.  We reserve the right to reject any submissions that we deem inappropriate. Entrants will be notified should this arise.

The Tārena Costume requirements may seem broad. It will be based on creativity, innovation, complimenting the soloist’s personal style. Whether the costume is elaborate or in its simplistic form, both can equally favor the soloist depending on the dancer’s ability to capture it impressively on print.   If you have any questions regarding costumes, please contact us.

·      Submit a personal headshot photo NOT in costume as reference.

·      You may 1 photo IN costume for evaluation

·      You may choose your ‘Ote’a Solo costume or submit a separate one for your Tārena Costume

·      Accessories: personal choice

·      Materials should be fresh or dried natural materials. Keep non-natural materials to a minimum.

·      Informal – example i.e., Solo ‘Ote’a costume, Tahitian day attire, etc.

·      Formal – Semi Formal: example i.e., Long dress

·      Creation: Undefined, but must be Tahitian by design.

·      Traditional/Contemporary